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Citizenship Time

Citizenship Time has been part of an annual program of SG institute since 2008 with the objective to awaken, more and more, the staff members of the Group Société Générale in Brazil and the society as a whole to social causes.
During the month of June, staff members, partners, friends and families concentrate their energy in activities and actions created by the Institute to benefit the projects and partner NGOs, contributing to the transformation and enhancement of the communities.

Annual Actions

As in each and any action, it is necessary and indispensable the participation and engagement of collaborators to achieve good results in the proposed actions/initiatives. At present the Institute believes in projects that transform lives on a daily basis, through education, sport, culture and leisure.
For that purpose, the SG Institute relies on each SG Group collaborator to become a part in such reality change, by getting involved and engaged in our actions and programs.
We want to build bridges, narrow bonds/links and stimulate all staff members to closely participate in the works performed by the partner NGOs. Join us!

Get to know each of the actions/programs of the Société Générale Institute.

  "Société Générale group cherishes innovation, responsibility, commitment and team spirit. These are the values that, together with the energy of its staff members, orientate the SG Institute to develop projects that contribute to the qualification of more prepared citizens"

Francis Repka


The Mentor Social Program offers the employee the possibility of accompanying young people for a period of 6 months in their Human and Professional Development.
The program has six two-hour meetings with young people and mentors to address issues such as: job market, posture, how to draw up a curriculum, and so on.
This program runs between March and August of each year. Sign up!



Every employee can contribute, monthly, with the donation of basic baskets for the children and young people of the projects that we support.
This donation is also very important for the families of these children and young people, who today live in extreme social inequality and who usually only have one meal a day.
To be part of this action is simple: ask for the participation sheet in the HR of your company and fill in the amount of your choice. The amount will be discounted monthly on your payroll and will go straight to the purchase of the basic baskets. Sign up!



This action gives the opportunity for all collaborators to share their knowledge and experiences with the children and youth of the NGO partners.
Each participant can give a talk, tell a story, talk about their profession, draw, paint, cook, color, listen, listen or any activity they want.
The day and time of the activity will be scheduled according to the availability of each employee, who will be accompanied by the SG Institute to the NGO on the appointed day.
Contact us and sign up. This can be done throughout the year.
Remember, a knowing your taken to a child or a young person can turn a story, a life!


Social donor

Every employee can contribute monthly with donations of cash values, directly discounting the payroll, to contribute to the projects supported by the SG Institute.
The amounts are earmarked for the supported projects and the Institute receives the monthly NGO accounts for evaluation and fidelity of the donation.
Get the chip in the HR and fill in the amount you want to donate!



Any employee of the SG Group companies may have a greater involvement with the ISG team being Social Monitor.
We promoted several actions throughout the year and the Social Monitor helps the ISG by encouraging, mobilizing and sensitizing its work colleagues to ensure participation and good results to support partner NGOs.
As a Monitor you will play a key role in information, awareness being a right arm of the work we do together with the children and youth of the projects.
All employees can be Monitors according to the availability of time and their professional life, always in an organized and planned way. Sign up!

Canal do Colaborador
Canal do Colaborador



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